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Different Types of Wooden Furniture PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shriman   
Friday, 01 August 2008
Wooden furniture is a type of furniture available in the stores to be used in your houses to give it a look different from the usual contemporary look. Wooden furniture is available in various types of wood and almost all the furniture requirements of a household that you can think of are available in wooden furniture......

Wooden furniture includes wooden Cabinets, Wardrobes, Sofas, Tables (centre table, side table or dining table), Chairs, Boxes and Beds .Wooden furniture also includes small household items like Bookshelves, Stools, Sideboards, Planters and mirror frames and any thing that you can imagine in furniture.

The advantage of wooden furniture is that it gives your home a very classy look and only this type of furniture can give you the royal look. The royal line of furniture available in the stores and the queen beds available can give your bedroom that royal look which everybody dreams of.

Another advantage of the wooden furniture is that if the wood used is genuine than you have no maintenance problems for a very long time. A good piece of furniture can last for decades without much maintenance.

Another advantage of having a wooden furniture is that they are timeless pieces hence never go out of trend and can be placed along with contemporary furniture to give a classy as well as modern look to the house.

There is a major disadvantage of wooden furniture that they are very bulky and shifting such pieces from one place to another can be a grueling task.

Another disadvantage is that if the wood is not good than the furniture gets termites and also becomes shabby looking and has no solution but to be discarded. The high cost involved with wooden furniture as compared to its counterparts like cane furniture or steel furniture also acts as a low point for it.

The Wood that is used in making wooden furniture is of the high quality and the lower qualities are used for other purposes. All wood is made up of 60% cellulose and 28% lignin and the rest 12% is different in different types of woods that give them their distinct color, strength, and consistencies.

The cellulose and lignin give them their strength because of their cementing properties. The different types of woods used are hardwood obtained from deciduous trees like oak, cherry, maple and ash. Other than these some major contributors in wood for making household furniture are Mahogany(known foe its reddish brown color), Walnut(known for its fine texture), rosewood(famous for its dark reddish brown color), Teak(for its moisture-resistant quality ) and sheesham(known for its durability). Other than these there are types of softwood also used in making furniture like Pine, Hemlock, Cedar, Fir, Redwood and spruce.


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