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Written by Shriman   
Thursday, 31 July 2008
The U.S. Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops Manufacturing industry recently released its 2009 Trendology report, which conducts a trend analysis in kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops. So what are some the trends home owners can expect to see in the kitchen cabinets and countertops manufacturing sphere this upcoming year? The answer depends on who you ask.

With spending down and Americans worrying so much about the state of the economy, frivolous is out and functionality seems to be in. It is, however, possible to get the best of both worlds. Home and Garden television (HGTV) predicts that kitchen cabinet trends will marry style with function. The producer of the show "The Best in Kitchens and Baths," HGTV says, "Furniture-grade materials and custom add-ons create cabinets that perform beautifully without sacrificing style. "

Because kitchen cabinets are often the most prized component of the room, "their design and aesthetics can make or break the entire room's overall appearance." Therefore, it's important not to sacrifice quality for the sake of price. At the same time, kitchen cabinets don't have to break the bank. Indeed, quality, built-to-order cabinetry can be had for every budget.

Look for a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that offers a wide selection of door styles, optional storage solutions and decorative enhancements. That way you can customize the kitchen cabinets that fit within the needs of both your family and your budget. Wood species, finish, storage solutions and moldings will all factor into the overall cost of your kitchen cabinets, so selecting a kitchen cabinet manufacturer with a wide array of options is your best bet.

Another kitchen cabinet trend HGTV sees taking a firm hold in the marketplace is an overall one "toward furniture-grade cabinets." This one is a direct offshoot of the function over style one. "Now consumers are turning their attention toward more particular aspects, such as pull-out waste cans, slide-out towel bars and pull-down shelves. This ... points to an overall customization movement that puts as much emphasis on function as it does on form."

A leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer will afford homeowners a unique and eclectic array of storage solutions. Sink base door storage units, Contempo floor mount wastebasket cabinets, stainless utensil trays, sliding towel bars, sink base door storage units, base wastebasket top mounts, paper towel holders, base wastebasket cabinets, sink base door storage units and top mount wastebaskets are just some of the kitchen cabinet add-on features that are appealing to today's homeowners.

According to a 2002 survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, "Wood-finished cabinets are still the style of choice," representing about 80 percent of all cabinets purchased. But as a final trend, HGTV points out that homeowners "are opting for a more casual appearance overall. Many of these have multi-step finishes and glazes to make them look like antiques that have weathered generations of use." If this trend describes you, look for a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer that offers a wide range of kitchen cabinet wood species, kitchen cabinet door shapes and kitchen cabinet wood finishes. Standard and premium finishes and glazes complement any design style.
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